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T.S. Eliot once said “last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”

Interior design trends, like all trends, are cyclical. We like to think of interior design trends as a reimagining rather than a pastiche interpretation of history. Reimagined because they’re traditional ideas, with deep connections to the past, that have been reshaped by modern practices.

This year the parameters of interior design move to intricate detail, texture and handmade materials; satisfying appetites for craftsmanship and individuality.

Handpicked below are a collection of interior design trends in wood certain to be pivotal in 2018.

1.Elevated grain

Texture is playing much more of a part in wood within interior projects this year, with elevated grain being a favourable feature in homes, workspaces and hotels.

There is something about an honest wood that when you come into contact with it you feel connected to the natural world. Timeless, versatile and undulating surface textures assail the senses, providing a sense of harmony and well-being.

Elevated grain is becoming somewhat of a must-have in 2018. The varying texture and tone of the wood when featured on walls, ceilings or floors add layers of interest as the natural composition of the wood brings a calming feeling to interiors.

The floor in the image below is our latest Rare Find, Northbank Pine. Salvaged from a warehouse on the docks of Garston in Liverpool and reworked by our expert craftsmen. The weathered patina, characterful knots and grain add a distinctive texture to the wood that would compliment all interiors from mid-century to minimalist. On the walls of the pantry below is our Douglas Fir, brushing the wood highlights the grain’s pattern, creating a three-dimensional texture that makes you want to run your fingers across it.

2.Statement colour

Clean minimalist colour palettes are being replaced by bold colours and an abundance of texture in 2018. While many interior designers have been seduced by Pantone’s colour of year, we’ve been enticed by an entirely different colour by Benjamin Moore. The American paint company’s colour of 2018 embarks on the spicier side of life with Caliente. Caliente literally translates as hot from Spanish and the strong, radiant red is as hot as it gets. Red has long been considered the apogee of passion and confidence, suggesting that 2018 will be the year for imaginative, inventive and visionary interior design projects.

Subtle inflections of colour make much more of a refined interior statement with doors, furniture and ceilings being painted to provide character in a space, without having to entirely redecorate.

This wooden barn door has been painted in a beautiful, confident red, providing a piece de resistance in this minimalist hallway. The eye can’t help but follow the distinctive grain of the wood, enhanced by bold, red strokes.

3.Multi-surface wood

Reclaimed wood on walls, ceilings and floors brings irrefutable warmth to a room imbuing a relaxed feel, whatever the interior style.

Our Bold Surfaces collection contains reclaimed timber with all the beautiful blemishes that nature intended. Each plank from our Bold Surfaces portfolio is bursting with vibrant secrets and hidden surprises, capturing a lifetime of adventures and discoveries.

Reclaimed timber imbued with the rich aura of bygone times is packed with design potential for interiors; the open weathered grain providing infinite inspiration.

Pictured on the right is our Hydria Antique Oak adoring the walls and ceiling of this restaurant in the Scottish Highlands.


Many interior designers have been seduced by the ultra-bright sheen of metallic. The modern magpie shine that comes with a metallic surface is irresistibly alluring and we couldn’t resist working the magic of metallic into our handmade wood floors.

While provenance is king in our Antique and Rare Finds collections, our Lab collection harnesses and holds our craftsmen’s experiential creativity, where innovation drives the creation of these truly one-off floors.

We’ve subtly incorporated copper herringbone into our Urban Dalston floor. Where our Urban collection is all about individuality and urban living, Lab pushes that philosophy further, achieving the unexpected.

Metallic accents pique interest without overwhelming the viewer, which is why an understated approach to mixing metallic in with wood has been achieved.

5.Sculptural masterpieces

Patterned flooring is not a new phenomenon, and as Marie Antoinette once said “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.”

The herringbone pattern dates back millennia to Roman road paving systems and since the 16th century herringbone has been used to create flow in challenging spaces.

Herringbone, Chevron and Parquet de Versailles panels are enjoying a revival in modern times with interior designers wanting to work wood’s texture, sculpture and historical beauty into their projects.

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